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Transport Futures Limited
7 Glen Road, Kelburn
Wellington 6012
New Zealand

Mobile: 021 139 4438
Phone: 04 475 7730   


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Welcome to Transport Futures

Transport Futures Limited is a New Zealand based transport planning consultancy.

Work undertaken

  • Policy and strategy development (local, regional and national)
  • Transport studies and package development (multi-modal planning for routes, corridors, networks and systems)
  • Modelling and analysis (demand forecasting and capacity analysis)
  • Evaluation (Cost benefit analysis and input to broader economic, social and environmental evaluation)
  • Funding criteria and procedures (business case analysis and funding  applications)
  • Peer review and tender evaluation (projects and studies)


  • Government Ministries
  • Central / Regional Agencies
  • Regional Councils
  • Territorial Authorities
  • Transport Operators
  • Consultants

Associated professionals

  • Ian Wallis, Chris Nash (UK) -  Transport economics
  • Ross Rutherford,  David Mason (UK) - Traffic engineering
  • Peter Furnish, Luis Willumsen (UK) - Modelling
  • John Bolland, Tony Young (UK) - Public transport 
  • Martin Ward - Environmental assessment
  • Roger Boulter, Michelle Lewis - Sustainable transport planning
  • David Stimpson  - Facilitation and consultation

Associated UK company

Transportation Planning Partnership