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What Are Packages?

Packages are useful ways of implementing higher level strategies, rather than trying to do this wholly via free-standing projects.

Packages represent combinations of linked and complementary measures, and are typically developed for particular areas, corridors or modal networks.

It is important that individual measures are mutually supportive, integrated and represent complementary and optimised packages.

Packages help to avoid non-complementary combinations of measures, for example:

  • Building new roads to accommodate general traffic growth, then tolling both the original and the new road networks (if this results in reducing demand levels to within the capacity of the original road network)
  • Subsidising rail services and bus services to serve the same routes (if this results in rail services operating below capacity due to patronage transfer to cheaper and slower bus services)
  • Building new peak period road capacity for general traffic whilst improving public transport services along the same corridor (if the net effect leads to induced traffic growth, increased congestion or reduced  public transport patronage)

Good Practice

  • Linkage to higher level strategies
  • Quantified analysis
  • Sensitivity testing and optimisation
  • Comprehensive evaluation
  • Cost benefit analysis