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Transport Futures Limited
7 Glen Road, Kelburn
Wellington 6012
New Zealand

Mobile: 021 139 4438
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Policies direct the efforts of the transport sector towards defined objectives  and provide a framework for the future management, operation and development of the transport system.   

Pricing - policy options

  • Fuel tax
  • Parking charges
  • Vehicle registration fees
  • Public transport fares
  • Road network pricing
  • Toll roads

Network investment - policy options

  • Road network management and improvement
  • Public transport network management and improvement
  • Sustainable transport network development
  • Freight network management and improvement

Other - policy options

  • Transport system regulation
  • Land-use planning
  • Transport demand management
  • Public transport
  • Walking and cycling initiatives
  • Environmentally based polices
  • Safety policies

Policies need to be well constructed and tested before adoption, if they are to be effective. It is also important to identify and resolve potential conflicts between policies, to produce a consistent and co-ordinated policy framework.

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