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Public Transport

Public transport issues are best considered within the context of overall policies and strategies.

The role of public transport needs to be clearly defined to ensure that services are planned and designed appropriately.  For example, public transport may be needed to provide for those without access to a car, provide an alternative to car travel and for wider economic, social and environmental reasons.

Public Transport Planning

  • Estimation of future patronage demand (with and without service changes)
  • Predicting the effect of fares policy on patronage,  revenue and benefit cost ratios
  • Establishing the need for new infrastructure or other capital investment
  • Estimating overall network capacity, accessibility and service quality requirements

Operational Design

  • Defining the role of public transport sub-modes (bus, rail, ferry)
  • Optimising service networks (routes, capacities, frequencies, schedules and interchange facilities)
  • Delivering reliability and user information
  • Achieving value for money

Supporting Techniques

  • 4 stage transport models (such as EMME, CUBE, TRACKS)
  • Public transport assignment models (such as EMME, TPSchedule)
  • Demand modelling using elasticity and regression techniques.
  • Cost benefit analysis software.