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Strategic Assesment

Assessment at the strategic scale is used to test options to manage and improve the transport system.

Strategic assessment is best undertaken within a well-scoped and well-quantified process. This is typically objectives based and supported by an assessment of value for money, for example, through an outline cost effectiveness assessment of alternative strategic options.

Strategic Assessment

It is important for multi-modal and integrated strategic assessment to be undertaken prior to the detailed evaluation of particular  proposals.

This is because no matter how good detailed evaluation processes are there will always be matters that are not covered at the detailed scale, such as the potential interaction between individual proposals or the potential cumulative effect of individual proposals on wider outcomes.

Strategic assessment is of most value if it is quantified and undertaken comprehensively.

Different strategic assessment techniques are available, including strategic environmental assessment, social impact assessment, health impact assessment and economic impact assessment. These  techniques can be used (in combination) to populate a comprehensive strategic assessment framework.

Scenario testing

Future transport system conditions need to be considered when  assessment is undertaken. For example, if it is thought that pricing arrangements may change in the future, this can be allowed for in assessment methodologies.

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