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Strategies are ways of organising how policies should be implemented in order to achieve specific outcomes.

Comprehensive strategies

  • National multi-modal transport strategies
  • Regional multi-modal strategies
  • Sub-regional, urban area or corridor based multi-modal strategies

Specific strategies

  • Particular network based strategies (such as for road or rail)
  • Individual mode strategies (such as for public transport or freight)
  • Topic based strategies (such as for safety or pricing)

When appropriately developed, strategies should ensure that investment packages and programmes are implemented in complementary ways. 

Particular proposals may appear worthwhile when considered individually, but may not make sense when considered in combination with other proposals.   The development of a strategy should assist in avoiding non-complementary combinations of proposals.

Strategy development is needed to maximise the effectiveness of transport system management and improvement strategies.

All strategies have positive and negative impacts and an assessment of   alternative approaches is needed to allow the optimum strategy to be selected.

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