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Traffic Analysis

Traffic issues are most usefully considered within the context of an overall strategy framework.

Traffic planning and traffic engineering are essential to manage the road network safely and efficiently. 

Traffic planning

  • Estimation of future network conditions with and without capacity changes
  • Traffic signal control policy
  • Traffic management policy
  • Allocation of road space to particular modes
  • Safety analysis

Traffic engineering

  • Optimising the use of available capacity
  • Managing conflicts and safety issues
  • Linkage to environmental planning and urban design objectives
  • Achieving value for money
  • Design

Supporting Techniques

3 or 4 stage transport models (such as EMME, CUBE, TRACKS) - this is important to provide a context for the following more detailed but more limited traffic models as follows:

  • Traffic assignment models (such as SATURN)
  • Micro-simulation models (such as PARAMICS, VISSIM)
  • Network models (such as TRANSYT, SIDRA6, LINSIG)
  • Safety models (such as SAFENET)
  • Individual junction models (such as SIDRA5, PICADY, ARCADY, OSCADY)
  • Cost benefit analysis software (EEM compatible)
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